Thursday, June 2, 2011




I found Olivia this way one morning. She is sure a climber! Then I realized maybe it's time we take the piggy bank to the bank! Addison enjoyed helping dad estimate how much was in the piggy bank that we haven't dumped in over a year! $500 to their saving account! We were stunned! Addison wanted to know why we take it to the bank. "They don't have a piggy bank mom!"

Pictures by Addison

So apparently my 3 year old does pretty well at taking photos. She always wants to take pictures so we've been letting her try and I was surprised by what I found on the camera. She did pretty well!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Great Strides-CF Walk

On May 21 Team LIVe walked in the Cystic Fibrosis Great Strides walk to raise money toward a cure. I decided on our team name by having Olivia's nickname "LIV" and adding the "e" that she live free of CF one day! In total we raised nearly $2,500! The total amount raised for that days walk was over $46,000!

Olivia's footprint is what I used next to our team name and will continue to do that each year. I'm excited we could start this tradition with Olivia and our entire family. Thanks everyone that participated by donating and walking that day!

Olivia is 1!

Olivia had quite the celebration. We made her special cake in the morning with Miss Addison. Because Olivia has MSPI there was no sense ordering a cake she couldn't touch so we make one with no milk or soy products. Olivia is really big into pushing things around so we thought it best to get her a little truck to push around. The weather was perfect that day to have her party on the deck and she enjoyed the day swinging. Getting Olivia to clap or raise her arms has been something that physical therapy helps her with each month and she's doing so much better at it as you can see! She's certainly come a long way! It's hard to think back to where she was one year ago. My what a year!


March and April were busy months but at our house it seems every month is busy. Olivia mastered crawling and standing up to everything! Addison has sure become quite the big sister!

For Easter we made a trip to my mom's house. We are still careful about who Olivia can be around and germs she may be exposed to but we are hopeful that once she is more mobile some of the risk will go away as her lungs will be working better.

Olivia loves playing in the stools. She just can't figure out how to get out!
We caught Addison mimicking her father.

Olivia was in the hospital for a weekend with the Rotavirus. She recovered quickly. I hope that nasty virus never visits our home again! We all had never been so sick.

Monster Trucks

Because I haven't posted in so long there are a few things that you've missed...While Olivia was in the hospital Addi and Daddy spent evenings watching Monster trucks so for her birthday we thought it fitting to take her to see them for real. She didn't quite get if for a while that this was not TV they were REAL!